welcome to cloudlesss, yo!

date: 11/15/18 | mood: sick as shit | now playing: nothing at the moment.

Hey lovelies. Idk if anyone even really reads these or not. But i been so crazy busy with appointments after appointments. and now i have physical therapy for six weeks 2 times out of the week. Im hoping this will help. This pain is terrible, and been keeping me off the laptop. Tried to upload new content last night and i mangaged get new colors uploaded and 2 pattern psds but it bout killed me. Hoping I can finish making more content before fully opening. I just have it open now, bc i like to see what im doing in case i screw anything up lmfao. Anyways, with that being said. Also not feeling the best today so idk how much ill get done like i want to. Been up for 3 hrs with upset stomach feel like im going to get sick blah. And I forgot to mention to the amazing keica for making this layout and coloring/and header for me! Shes amazing. this stylesheet will be up after im done using it :) Anyway im just blaming so im jumping off here for the day and try get some rest.